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Anthony has been working at the core of Irish events, entertainment and hospitality for over 20 years.

As a founder, producer, manager, and promoter of venues, clubs, restaurants, festivals, bars, events, independent markets, concerts and film screenings, his creativity and expertise has made him the go-to planner, consultant and producer of landmark events and venues in Dublin.

His wealth of experience includes; designing and optimising queuing systems, maximising revenue for restaurants, utilising venue design to enhance the customer experience, working with security companies to ensure customer safety, as well as a forensic understanding of booking systems.

At the heart of all of his work are great ideas, and enhancing and solidifying the relationship between the customer and client. All of this is rooted in the importance of creating memorable experiences, building community around spaces, brands and events, and he is equally expert in producing one-off events and launching new brands, as he is breathing new life into and reimagining established venues.

Attention to detail, being nimble and responsive, understanding and tapping into the customer’s needs and desires, means that a sense of excitement and authenticity is fundamental to everything he builds, creating a reputation that is synonymous with expertise, fun, and most importantly, quality.